Easy Solutions For Eliminating Black Mold

eliminating black mold imageEliminating black mold is very important for many different reasons. Black mold is a type of fungi that has the ability to harm a person’s health and cause damage to structures. This fungus tends to form on walls, furniture and clothing after an environment has been exposed to a high level of moisture. Black mold spores naturally occur outdoors and when they reproduce they send thousands of spores into the air. The spores eventually attach themselves to people’s clothing, shoes, animals or onto other items that are made out of cloth.

Mold spores will not automatically grow on clothing or household items but if the spores come into contact with a lot of condensation they will began to multiply and spread. Ultimately, fungi will grow on fabric based materials because it is a good source of nutrients for these organisms. Many materials within the average home are made out of fabric based substances but mold can also thrive on plaster, tile, sheet rock, wood and just about anything else as long as there is moisture present.

People can remove smaller amounts of mold on their own and they should start by wearing protective gear. A face mask, goggles, a long shirt, pants, gloves and cloth to cover the head should be sufficient. Black mold has the ability to irritate the ears and lungs and it can cause reactions to the skin. So, the protection is necessary. There are certain cleaning supplies that should be used for eliminating black mold. Bleach is probably the most effective and inexpensive substance that can be used to wipe out mold. Ventilation should be applied to an environment that is being treated for black mold. Bleach has powerful chemicals that create harmful fumes and black mold will have a harder time reproducing in an environment that is well ventilated.

A bucket or spray bottle can be used to apply a bleach solution to an infected area. The bleach solution could consist of ¼ part bleach and ¾ parts of water. People can adjust the mixture to at varying amounts if they choose. Bleach solutions should be used on wood, walls and particle boards. Using bleach on clothing, blankets, furniture and other materials should not be done because the bleach will probably stain or fade the item. Smaller cloth items that have been infected with black mold should be washed in hot water with a possible bleach solution and thoroughly dried at a high temperature. In most cases, smaller fabric based items that have been affected by mold should probably be thrown out.

Borax and vinegar can also be used to remove mold. Borax is a natural cleaning agent that is commonly mixed with professional substances for eliminating mold. A Borax solution can be mixed with water and applied directly to surfaces that have been affected by black mold. Vinegar contains enough acid which are harmful to fungi and it can be applied directly to the surface of a wall without being mixed with water. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are two other substances that also work well for eliminating black mold.

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